Forensic Accounting & Expert Testimony

CPAs and Attorneys with sophisticated experience in Financial Expert Testimony

Forensic Accounting & Expert Testimony

With over 40 years of combined litigation support work, and over 300 cases, Skorheim & Associates has established a reputation as a leader in financial expert witness testimony and settlement consulting.

Skorheim & Associates is an accounting and business consulting firm with a substantial emphasis in the area of financial analysis and business valuation relating to commercial damages and losses. The Firm’s services include sophisticated forensic accounting, financial analysis, and expert testimony in the following areas:

  • Commercial Damages and Loss Analysis
  • Business Valuation
 Business Practices
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Commercial Insurance Claims
  • Risk Management
  • Tax and Business Issues
  • Neutral Assignments
  • Directors and Officers Fiduciary Duty
  • Complex Business Litigation

The Firm is managed by Jim Skorheim who has been described by the Orange County Bar Association as “Orange County’s top financial expert witness.”

Jim and his colleagues have served in over 300 business litigation cases and handled a myriad of business related litigation issues including damages, alter ego, corporate governance, partner/shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, business interruption, breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition, securities disputes, infringement and other economic, accounting, finance, tax, and business issues.

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