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Experts in MDL/Mass Tort Common Benefit Fund Accounting & Administration, Forensic Accounting & Expert Testimony, and Tax & Financial Planning

Accurate & Objective Financial Services

Our mission is to assist lawyers, law firms, the Courts, and business owners & executives accomplish their financial objectives efficiently and competently.

Our firm and its staff of CPAs and attorneys have testified in over 300 business litigation cases and have served as court-appointed neutrals in numerous matters. We are members of public and private Boards of Directors. We have provided service in virtually every major industry and profession.

Our professionals have developed a proprietary system for efficiently collecting, validating, and measuring common benefit legal services and costs in the complex world of multidistrict litigation (MDL/mass torts). Our system liberates common benefit lawyers and the courts to focus on the all-important substantive resolution of MDL cases. Our process provides for the fair and objective administration and allocation of common benefit fees.

Orange County Bar Association
“Orange County’s top financial expert witness.”

Services We Offer

Multidistrict Litigation Accounting

Common Benefit Time and Expense Collection, Validation, Reporting, and Fund Administration.

Forensic Accounting & Expert Testimony

CPAs and Attorneys with sophisticated experience in Financial Expert Testimony.

Tax & Financial Planning

CPAs and Attorneys with a more holistic approach to tax, consulting, and financial planning.

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