Skorheim & Neural IT to develop MDL Common Benefit Solution

Skorheim & Associates, AAC is excited to announce that we have partnered with Neural IT to bring Plaintiffs’ Attorneys the first full service online Common Benefit Accounting and Administration Solution. The online application will be able to support bulk monthly, or on-the-spot individual form uploading of time entries, eliminate data entry errors, and better streamline the process of submitting, validating, reporting, allocating, and claiming common benefit funds once an allocation has been recommended. The new application will save considerable amounts of time and money for all attorneys involved, from leadership members to the staff members that are usually tasked with submitting timely fees and expenses. It will also allow tech-savvy associates to keep time and track expenses on the go, rather than spend time at the end of each day recording their time entries. Stay tuned for updates, we are shooting for an early 2017 launch.

Please direct any questions regarding this update to James Skorheim at of Skorheim & Associates, AAC